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Neon lighting

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custom product order process

  1. click on the option of custom product “request a quote” add the product to the quote.
  2. Click to view the quotation, fill in the information and upload your customized design document.
  3. Once we receive your documents, our sales team will check immediately. If there is anything unclear, we will communicate with you about the process and the details as soon as possible.
  4. We will send the quotation and production time within 4hours.
  5. When the customer confirm the quotation and ask to produce, we will send a commercial invoice asking for full payment through email.The email will include a product link that you can pay for online by clicking directly on, support credit payment. Besides, you can pay by telegraphic transfer and bank details will be shown on the invoice.
  6. Our sales will check if payment has been made and if so we will arrange the production immediately.
  7. After complete the production, your order will be delivered and the tracking number will be sent to your email along with the confirmation letter.


What are the Neon Sign made of? Are they prone to breakages?
Our LED neon signs are made of high-quality acrylics backing and proprietary PVC moulding technology. We control the quality from the raw material and have an inspection process strictly. It has advantages in no heat, unbreakable, energy-efficient, they are much more reliable than traditional neon signs.
Can LED Neon Signs be used for outdoors?
Yes, we can produce waterproof Neon Signs for outdoors. Please specify your order requirement details.
What is the delivery time for custom orders?
When the customer confirms the order, our standard delivery time is 2-3 weeks. We will inform the exact delivery date according to the order and try our best to meet your needs.
How do you power the Neon Signs?
The LED neon signs come with a 12V transformer&plug (AC110-240V). just directly plug to a standard outlet.
How long will LED neon lights last?
The service life of LED lights is at least 50,000 hours. Its life span is about three times that of traditional gas neon lights. Usually, it may be a transformer failure, but these can be replaced, and we provide replacement parts during the warranty period.
Does the Neon Sign require any maintenance?
Not at all. Our LED is environmentally friendly and maintenance-free.
What is the length of the power cord?
The total distance from the neon light to the power plug is 6 feet. (Also, there is a 6-foot-long wire sign, and the adapter comes with an additional 4-foot long wire, which is 3 feet long from the adapter to the plug). If you need any special length, please let us know.
How safe are LED neon signs?
Our LED neon signs are produced of only 12V LED light, run at a much safer voltage than traditional neon. No heat will be generated under the low output voltage even after long time operating.
How do I install my Neon Sign? Will it require any specialist installation?
The neon sign is produced with acrylic back cover. For indoor installation, it merely needs to be fixed onto the wall by a screw or suspended from a chain that we can supply as an optional accessory if necessary. If outdoor use and some large neon signs will require specialist installation.
What is your warranty period?
We guarantee 24-month indoor and 6-month outdoors for the LED Neno Signs. Except for man-made damage.
What are the colours available?
We have a total of 9 colours for option-Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Light Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, White and Orange!
Can you produce the LED Neon Signs with any font or design?
Yes, our designer will check the font and design to make sure we can produce. Some fonts and designs work better; we are more than happy to advise and assist with your ideas.
What will be the price for custom signs?
Our custom Neon Sign price depends on the signage size, design and quantity of your order. Use custom product page to upload your design file and requirement to get price or email
How to proceed with custom orders?
Firstly please upload the design file with details to our custom product page or, email our team to if you prefer and we will provide you the price within 2 hours.
What is the minimum size of the neon signs?
We recommend making the minimum height of the letters around 100mm, as we find that the letters are more legible at this size. It is possible to make letters smaller than this, but more giant letters do tend to look neater.


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