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Bulb Sign Letters

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The bulb sign letters are a particular exposed word, which USES led point light source with a diameter of more than 3cm. The significant size light source always gives the person a kind of immediate bright feeling. Due to the large size of the light source, will also be called the type of bulb sign letters and bubble word, headlamp beads exposed names. The appearance is fashionable and retro; the LED big light bulb shines softly, the direct vision is not dazzling, it can brew a kind of unique atmosphere, at the same time can also play the effect that decorates the environment. Many theme restaurants, party, wedding, cafes, and so on have chosen this LED light bulb as the interior decoration of the store, very distinctive.
Bulb sign letters advantages are the appearance of fashion retro, can brew a distinctive atmosphere, romantic, nostalgic, festive, nostalgic, aesthetic, etc. and the bulb sign letters gentle not dazzling, can give people a message of joy, excitement.

Additional information


Shop/party/bank/hotel/shopping mall/company/event/building etc.


Stainless steel perimeter paint LED lights

Light source

LED light, LED module or RGB LED light


logo, Signs, channel letters, etc


Front lit



Power source




Working temperature

-20 °C ~ 60 °C 

LED life time

> 50,000 hrs

Average lifetime without any errors

> 100,000 hrs



what is the maximum size?
There is no limit to the max size.
What is the minimum size?
The minimum size of the letter is not less than 200mm.
Is there a limit to the width of the letters?
Depend on the bulb size requirement. the mini size is 3cm above.
Can it use for outdoor?
Yes, it can. if you use to outdoor, pls let me know that we will do waterproof of the frame.
What is the product process?
Stainless steel perimeter paint LED lights
How many installation styles of the letter sign for indoor or outdoor?
It can be fixed directly on the wall or on the door with a boom.
What is the material and crafts on the surface?
Stainless steel
What is the thickness of the letter sign in total?
Above 50mm.
What is the voltage?
What is the production time?
About 2-3weeks.
What is the packaging?
We use wooden box.
What is warranty?
2 years


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