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Backlit letter sign

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The aluminium backlit letter is a backlit advertising font. It is a logo shape formed by direct welding of the aluminium plate and the surrounding edge. It is then spray-painted into red, blue, green and other paint colours according to customer requirements. LED lights are built into the font Inside; the back cover is formed with acrylic to create a luminous letter that emits light on the back. The font is designed to be mounted on high feet, so each font is designed with two mounting screw fixing positions (including mounting screws). Such a design will make the font, and the wall 2cm overhead, which can make the advertising characters glow more evenly and the effect is better. Stainless steel letters are generally used in places such as corporate logos, architectural signs, restaurant signs and commercial advertising signs.
E-time provides you with a variety of 3D luminous characters. If you want a compelling advertising signage, E-time can just provide you with a one-stop solution because we can produce 3D characters of various crafts such as acrylic characters, stainless steel characters, neon characters, stainless steel signs.

Additional information


Shop/bank/hotel/shopping mall/company/building etc.


Aluminum alloy frame, edge height 2CM, lacquered surface, built-in LED light.

Light source

LED light, LED module or RGB LED light


logo, Signs, channel letters, etc





Power source




Working temperature

-20 °C ~ 60 °C 

LED life time

> 50,000 hrs

Average lifetime without any errors

> 100,000 hrs



Can you make the maximum size?
The max size is not limited.
What is the minimum size?
The mini size is not less 10mm for letters sign.
What is the thickness of the letter sign?
20mm thickness.
Can it use for outdoor?
Yes, it can. if you use to outdoor, pls let me know that we will do waterproof of the frame.
How many installation styles of the letter sign for indoor or outdoor?
It can be fixed directly on the wall or on the door with a boom.
What is the product process?
The product is made of a stainless steel frame, the edge height is 2CM, the surface is painted, and the built-in LED light.
Can you customize all colors?
Yes, we can. pls, provide the corresponding PANTONE color number.
Can you do colorful logo?
Yes, we use UV printing for a colorful logo.
what is the production time?
Always need 2-3weeks.
What is the packaging?
We use wooden box for packing.
What is the voltage?
What is warranty?
2 years.


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