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Stainless Steel letters

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3d letter Sign

The 3d stainless steel Backlit letters sign is a special material, which has excellent resistance to the corrosion of the atmosphere and freshwater media, and the decorative effect obtained by corrosion, polishing, and drawing is very beautiful. It is generally used for park signs, wedding signs, corporate image signs, and road guidance signs that identify buildings. Stainless steel Backlit letters sign is mainly used to identify, publicize, and promote products, and it also serves to decorate and beautify commodities. Stainless steel labels are generally displayed in a non-luminous form, which is a noble and energy-saving advertising sign.

Additional information


Shop/bank/hotel/shopping mall/company/building etc.


This letter sign is made of stainless steel with polished and electroplated craft.


logo, Signs, channel letters, etc



Working temperature

-20 °C ~ 60 °C 



What is the minimum size?
The max size is not limited.
What is the max size?
The mini size is not less 10mm for letters sign.
What is the thickness?
Can the thickness of this letter sign be customized?
Yes, we will adjust the thickness according to the overall size.
can it use for outdoor?
How many styles install the letters sign indoor or outdoor?
The mounting method can be fixed directly on the wall or fixed on the door with a boom.
What is product process?
This letter sign is made of stainless steel with polished and electroplated craft.
How long will it takes?
About 2-3weeks.
How many colors for this letters sign?
The current plating colors are Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne gold, Black steel.
What is the packaging?
We use wooden box.
What is warranty?
2 years.


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