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3D Acrylic Led signs

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Hemispheric neon letter sign is one of the most popular illuminated sign in 2020; it is a high-end letter sign produced by hand-polishing with new acrylic materials. Because of its unique appearance and colour, many high-end places such as brand store logos, club reception logos, company logos and design logos etc. all use this advertising sign, which can quickly attract passenger flow and can be applied to any indoors and outdoors environment.
The stainless steel encapsulated LED neon letter signs are different from the typical neon signs. This one uses the new 15mm acrylic as the raw material, and then it is hand-polished and polished to achieve a smooth and full-spherical surface. After the polishing, it is backed with 15mm ABS acrylic, built-in energy-saving LED light, and finally, with the stainless steel shell on the outside of the sphere, it looks like double-layer letter sign, the 3D sense is powerful. This advertising logo can let your company upscale and quickly attract customers. It can be customized RGB colours according to customer requirements. We will also customize your neon light sign according to your company culture and colour, to ensure your style is unified and reveal your brand and make unique.

Additional information


Shop/bank/hotel/shopping mall/company/building etc.


15mm acrylic panel, 15MM ABS back cover, built-in LED lights. H-shaped shell around the outside

Light source

LED light, LED module or RGB LED light


logo, Signs, channel letters, etc


Front and Side lit



Power source




Working temperature

-20 °C ~ 60 °C 

LED life time

> 50,000 hrs

Average lifetime without any errors

> 100,000 hrs



Can you make the maximum size
The max size is about 900mm
What is the minimum size?
The mini size is not less 10mm for letters sign.
What is the thickness of the letter sign?
30mm-35mm thickness.
Can it use for outdoor?
Yes, it can. if you use to outdoor, pls let me know that we will do waterproof of the frame.
How many installation styles of the letter sign for indoor or outdoor?
It can be fixed directly on the wall or on the door with a boom.
What is the product process?
15mm acrylic panel, 15MM ABS back cover, built-in LED lights. H-shaped shell around the outside.
How many colors for this letters sign?
There are 10 colors (purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cold white, white, warm white.
What is the production time?
Always need 2-3weeks.
What is the packaging?
We use wooden box for packing.
What is the voltage?
What is warranty?
2 years.
Can you do the different size of letter's width?
No, all letter’s width size is same.
Can you do sharp Angle or right Angle about letter's width?
No, just do round shape.
If the size of my letters sign is very big, as thick as 3cm-4cm, what can I do to make the letters look better?
If the letters are large and thick, we suggest you to do edge craft. If you don’t want to do like that, we’ll make them flat letters.


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