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1. Choose your products
2. Place your order
3. Payment
4.Confirmation of details
5.Producing time
6.Shipping and delivery
1. Choose your products
  • Locate an item listed on the page that you are looking for.
  • When you find the item that interests you, click on the item, then you could access further information of the selected product on the description and purchasing page, such as photos, descriptions, and prices etc.
  • Read through the description completely and ensure that it is what you need. Also, make a good use of photos, look closely at the features and other details.
2. Place your order
  • Find size options and quantity options provided in check boxes on the page.

      Note: all dimensions must be entered in centimeters, if the size is one meter, the number that is to be entered should be 100.

  • A price calculator is set in the “Pricing” section of the page. The calculator will automatically calculate the final price based on the selected size, quantity, color temperature, etc. After checking all the boxes with each custom detail, the final offer of the product will be displayed at the end.
  • Fill in all the details you need to complete your order, this page displays a link to help you upload documents about the design of your order.
3. Payment
  • Add the items (luminous letters and signs you require) into the shopping cart once the price has been worked out.
  • Click the ‘Check-out’ button at the top right of the page to complete the order payment.

      Note: Please fill in all the details required to complete the order before payment.

4.Confirmation of details
  • Our sales team will check up your order once we receive it from our website or through email, including all related files that you send through.
  • We will contact you to make sure all of the details of your artwork are correct if there is anything unclear.
  • The case will be passed to artwork team once everything is ensured.
  • A final confirmation letter will be sent through to your email box with some further information about what’s next.
  • No actual product will be produced until you are sign it off (including repeat orders).
5.Producing time
  • Production time of items are different from each other according to their different procedures and complexity.
  • Estimated producing time of each item is available in the product description page.
  • It is counted from the day when your order is checked to release to production by our dispatch coordinator.
6.Shipping and delivery
  • your order will be delivered once the production is completed.
  • A tracking number will be sent to your email with the delivery confirmation letter.